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I specialised in newborn photography because newborn sessions have such a special place in my heart. To be so privileged to photograph your precious baby at just a few days old and most likely be the first person you venture out to see after giving birth, I will never take for granted. Those tiny little toes and fingers, that tuft of hair that always sticks up, the scrunch that will soon go away, let me capture every detail that will remind you how tiny they were when they can't fit onto your arm anymore.

I am fully trained in newborn safety and posing, so you can rest assured your baby's safety is always a priority. I like to incorporate a variety of poses and props in each session, but every baby is different, some might sleep deeply throughout the whole session, some might have a high moro reflex, some might be cluster feeding or have a bit of a reflux. Every session will be tailored to your baby and their needs and although my workflow is always the same, I adapt it throughout the session and at any sign of discomfort I move onto a different pose.

Newborn sessions take time and patience and because every baby is different it can take from 2 to 4 hrs, I allocate plenty of time for feeding breaks and putting baby back to sleep. this type of session can't be rushed, we just need to go with the baby's flow.

I have all props and outfits to match the setups, all you have to bring is the usual changing bag and a couple of extra feeds than usual as they tend to feed more when handles (this is of course if you are not breastfeeding). 

If you do see a certain pose or setup either on here or on my socials that you'd want me to recreate please let me know and I'll make sure to have the props for it ready. 

It's never too early to get in touch regarding booking your newborn session, as long as you have a due date I can provisionally book you in and adjust it later on. I will go in more detail about the session when the booking is finalised. Now time to plan that lovely nursery and hang those tiny clothes all ready for your precious arrival 

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